French Bulldog stud service
Blue Ziptie Gaugerslittlebullies 

Blue Fluffy Frenchie!

Breed: Blue Fluffy French Bulldog Sex: Male Size: Standard  Registration: AKC Color: Blue Lilac

DNA n/AY, n/At, co/co, d/d, E/e, n/KB, N/S Hair Length ll Location: Easton, Kansas 66020

Stud Service Price: Not available at this time Contact information: Ed Gauger  913-370-0358

Blue Ziptie Gaugerslittlebullies Stud Dog in Kansas

ZipTie is one of the Best lilac fluffy Frenchie out there!! Just look at his gorgeous fluffy hair. You can tell he going to be stacked when he grows up.  ZipTie carriers blue and chocolate.  ZipTie going bring Dynamite fluffy Frenchie next year!! 2022